Advertising and the Responsible Network Marketer

One of the questions I am often asked is, “How can a Network Marketer advertise their business opportunity?”My first response is to explain the advantages and disadvantages of advertising a business opportunity directly.My personal choice is not to advertise my primary network marketing opportunity directly. The competition involved in advertising an individual business opportunity is fierce. I would rather advertise something that does not have any competition at all, that is myself.When I do offer some recommendations on “where” a network marketer could advertise, I seem to predominantly run into the following myth:”All advertising costs money.”Well, I beg to differ. If one was to fully investigate the advertising methods that are available to us, it would seem to me that the majority of them are free.Below you will find a list of advertising methods broken into categories such as; FREE, Small Monetary Monthly Investment and Large Monthly Investment.This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should offer some affordable options.Free Advertising Methods
Forum Marketing
Online Classified Ads
Article Marketing
Press Releases
Video Marketing
Traffic Surfing
Signature Marketing
Social Media
Warm Market
SEOSmall Monthly Monetary Investment (under $50.00)
Ezine Marketing
Banner Advertising
COOP Advertising
Newspaper Classified Ads
Email MarketingLarge Monthly Investment ($100.00 plus)
Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingEach one of these methods is subject to written and unwritten rules of involvement.It would be my recommendation that you choose two or three methods to start and really become an expert at using those methods. Discover the intricacies of these methods and use them to add value to others.Example: Forum MarketingThis method is a very effective strategy if used correctly. However, it can be a complete waste of time if one chooses not to learn the intricacies of this method.Most people will join a forum and attempt to “sell” either their business opportunity or a product or service within their forum post.This is a mistake and should be avoided at all costs.Instead, one should enter a forum community with the mindset of adding value to others and helping as many people as possible through their individual forum posts.Each forum community allows you to add a signature at the bottom of each post. This is the only area that is acceptable to show your offer to others. How you choose to do this is what will differentiate yourself within the forum community.I recommend that you choose your methods based on the following:
Short, medium and long-term objectives.It does not make any “cents” to choose to use pay-per-click advertising if you are unfamiliar with how it works. It would be one of the fasts ways of going broke.I like to choose my methods based on how I expect the generation of traffic to perform.So, if I wanted a method that was a long-term approach, I would choose Article Marketing and blogging. If I was looking for an intermediate performing method of advertising, I would choose Video Marketing and Ezine Advertising. Of course, if I was looking for an immediate response to my advertising, I would choose pay-per-click advertising.Choose your advertising methods wisely and become as close as possible to being an expert in that area before taking on more complex advertising methods.Above all else, have fun and enjoy the journey.

Benefits of CPM Advertising and How It Is Done

CPM is a type of online advertising that has nothing to do with the action that a user takes on the website of the publisher. The term CPM stands for cost per thousand. C stands for cost, P stands for per and M stands for thousand because in roman numerals the value of M is 1000. What does thousand stands for in this formula? Thousand is the banner impressions. So if you are an advertiser who prefers to buy advertising using CPM then you will have to pay for every thousand times a publisher shows your advertisement on his website.Benefits to the publishersThis method is profitable to both publishers and advertisers but it may be more profitable to the publishers because he will be paid for every thousand page views that his site receives. This method is also independent of the user action on the website of the publisher because if a visitor has opened the site of the publisher showing the advertisement then this will count as a page view and the earning of the publisher will increase. It means if a visitor visiting the site of the publisher don’t click on the advertisement then also the publisher will be paid. So this way CPM is more profitable to any publisher receiving high page views on his site.Benefits to the ad ownersThis method may or may not be helpful to the ad owner because the ad owner will be paid only if a visitor viewing the advertisement also clicks the advertisement and purchases something in his site. So an ad owner can benefit in this method only if his site receives high URL clicks from the publisher site and his own site also has the high conversion ratio. An ad owner advertising his product must be more careful in making his own site because his site must be capable of turning maximum interested visitors to customers and his advertisements must be published on the relevant websites. If an ad owner fails in this strategy then this method can only bring him loss.How to start CPM advertising?This method of advertising is not only limited to the internet but other media such as television also uses this type of advertising. So the maximum times an advertisement is displayed on the television, the maximum will be the cost paid by the ad owners. An ad owner who wants to advertise a product or service using this method must first prepare the message that he wants to give to the targeted viewers. These advertisements can then be displayed as banners, pop up, side bar or the skyscraper advertisements. An ad owner may also take help of some service providers who specialize in the job of advertisement creation. After an advertisement is prepared, the ad owner must decide the media he wants to use to publish his advertisement. An effective advertisement can bring in thousands of new customers whereas an advertisement with a wrong message may take away the existing customers also.

Free Website Advertising – Should You Replace PPC Advertising with Free Ways to Advertise Your Site?

Many online marketers, both new and experienced, have used ppc advertising to advertise their website businesses.PPC advertising; also known as pay per click advertising or ppc search marketing, has the potential to bring INSTANT traffic to your website.Additionally, if you only wanted to advertise your brand online, then ppc advertising can allow you to publicize your brand or promote your business name on the Internet, often at little or no cost.Many a time, however, internet marketing practitioners will encounter problems with their search marketing or ppc advertising campaigns.An online marketer like you and I could potentially spend large amounts of money on ppc advertising, but yet not make any sales or generate targeted online leads. Some of us may remember watching the number of clicks and our ppc advertising costs rising continually but without having made any sales or acquired many email leads.What could be worse is that you could end up getting jaded or disillusioned with ppc advertising methods and stop using them completely.Certainly, setting up an effective ppc advertising campaign may well require a fair amount of time and effort, sometimes over multiple attempts of trial and error.If you have tried ppc advertising, then you can probably remember all the keyword research, the webpages, tracking codes, keyword tracking systems, website analytics that you had to prepare and monitor?As an online business owner doing your own website marketing, you would probably want the biggest website advertising “bang” for your buck.Now, enter the free website advertising methods and techniques, which are also options that you can consider as alternatives to ppc advertising.Naturally, if you wanted to replace ppc advertising with free website advertising, you will need to learn how to apply online advertising and Internet marketing techniques like:1) article marketing2) marketing with online videos3) using your own website blogs as a form of free website advertising4) applying web 2.0 website advertising techniques to drive traffic to your websiteAlso, let’s not forget that you have the choice of doing forum posts, blog comments, and joint venture marketing, all of which can be very effective as methods of free website advertising.Given the many choices for advertising your website for free, should you then choose to replace your existing ppc advertising with free website advertising?Perhaps, one possible approach is this — If you are not getting the ppc advertising results you want, then you can continue to learn the methods of ppc advertising, refine your techniques, and improve your pay per click advertising skills.Meanwhile, it would certainly be a good idea for you to start learning and applying one or two other techniques in free website advertising.The additional effort that you put into free website advertising will actually complement or supplement your existing ppc advertising efforts.In other words, you can increase website traffic using free methods to advertise your website while you continue to market with and learn about ppc advertising.Suppose you are doing pretty well and making a profit with ppc advertising. If this is the case, great job!Why not also apply some of the many techniques that are available to you for getting free traffic to your website.At the end of the day, a good internet marketing strategy to adopt might be to have several effective and consistent website traffic streams that will send visitors to your site.Traffic to your websites could and should come from both free and paid website advertising sources. This approach ensures recurrent traffic to your website from a variety of advertising media and methods and will allow you to stay profitable while you make money online.